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The Life-Light Players of First Baptist Church, Odessa

Time of Turmoil and Transition

When God shuts a door... He opens a window.

Dear Faithful Supporters –


Beginning February of 2005, the Life-Light Players entered a time of turmoil and transition as creative and theological differences caused discord and disenchantment between the leadership of First Baptist Church Odessa and the leadership of the Life-Light Players.  No person is to blame for these conflicts of interest.  In reality, God was calling our organization to take a renewed look at their purposes.  During the time with FBC, the Life-Light Players had become stagnant in the audience for which they were performing.  As long as the Life-Light Players were performing within the walls of the church, they were serving as entertainment to the regular members there.  But God has called us to a higher purpose and it takes stepping out of our comfort zone to meet that purpose.  I once heard that when God closes a door, he opens a window.  We are faithfully and diligently searching for that window.  Currently we are seeking God's leadership in finding our place.  With prayerful consideration, we look forward to the amazing blessings Jesus Christ will bestow on us as well as those who are able to recieve the message that we depict before them.  As always, we do apprciate your prayers and thoughts.  Thank you!




Tony Prather



P.S.  Even though right now we are in a time of transition, please feel free to surf through our site and check out what we have done and what we are all about.  We will stay committed to God's mission and purposes for our ministry. Thank you again for your prayers.  God Bless You!!!

Life-Light Players
c/o Tony Prather
#26 Cristobal Ct
Odessa, Texas 79765